Orken Village (Tengiz)

Early works future growth project and wellhead pressure management. Saltanat Story Service is a main subcontractor of ISKER CONSORTIUM under the TCO/KPJV umbrella early works infrastructure project – a 6000 Men accommodation camp with a project cost of more than half a Billion USD, where it has been entrusted with several individual construction activities . These include:
— Site preparation of 82 hectares of construction site.
— Earth works for Tie in lines.
— Well point dewatering services for underground works.
— Passive fire proofing of steel structures (Shop and field application) using Intumescent paint and fire board.
— Internal finishing and fit out works.
— Facade paneling and roof installation works.

SSS not only completed the works well ahead of schedule but also has exceeded the quality expectations of the client. In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the company has been chosen as a preferable sub contractor for HVAC works including fabrication, installation and commissioning for the whole ORKEN village.

  • Client:TCO/KPJV/ISKER Group
  • Location:Tengiz